Social media as an integral part of B2B marketing

As an integral part of everyday life, social media opens up interesting opportunities for communicative exchange. It is thus a successful tool for connecting your target group with relevant content and building relationships with customers and users. Social media marketing has also become an essential part of corporate communications and is one essential for every company. Social media allows direct contact with important players/customers, can strongly promote your corporate image with high-quality content, and supports the SEO of your website. 

Consulting & creation of a communication concept

A comprehensive analysis of social media use is followed by the definition of a concept. This includes the development of goals and strategies as well as the creation of social media controlling. With an appropriate social media concept, you can optimally reach your target group on the various platforms – whether on your own or external blog or the profiles and groups in Xing, LinkedIn, Twitter as well as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.  

Selection of suitable social media channels

Depending on the target group, different platforms are suitable for optimally addressing prospects and thus potential customers or employees. In addition to selecting suitable social media channels, our service also includes creating social media profiles and planning the topics and corresponding guidelines.

Most popular social media platforms in B2B

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Creative topic management and content maintenance

Based on the communication concept and the corresponding social media strategy, the topics are defined, and suitable content is created. Through our active topic management and scouting, we actively explore and address various topics. Content is scheduled and shared based on a pre-determined content pipeline.

content creation

The most important aspect of social media marketing is creating content with relevant added value for the target audience. Social media offer various formats that can be used for content distribution: videos, reels, and photos as well as the increasingly popular story format, which makes posts available to users for 24 hours.  
Engaging content can attract potential customers to your website and strengthen customer loyalty through high-quality interactions. In addition to organic posts, you can also place ads on various social platforms. With the help of Social Ads, the corresponding ads are placed in order to attract potential customers. 
In addition to the organic contributions, there is also the possibility of placing advertisements on the social platforms. With the help of so-called social ads, the corresponding advertisements are displayed to potential customers.

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Social Media Monitoring

The speed of social media channels combined with the sensitivity of individual topics requires the monitoring of your online reputation with as much foresight as possible in order to identify and act on potential problem areas early on. In this way, we can ensure long-term success and an agile use of topics The ultimate goal is to achieve high engagement. This is determined by the quality of your channels.  

Social Sales Automation

Automated and marketing automation is a tool for automating the sales process via social networks. A predefined target group is addressed (e.g. 2nd degree contacts, companies with 200-500 employees, etc.). The aim is to generate new leads and to integrate these contacts directly into the CRM - to create follow-ups.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the combination of content marketing with bloggers, social media and influencer relations. Influencers are important multipliers for content. INVICTUS contacts bloggers or blog operators, social media influencers and promotes the publication of articles such as texts, images and videos. In times of social media, influencer marketing is an important pillar of digital marketing. 

B2B Influencer on LinkedIn

In addition to personal contact initiation via social selling, the LinkedIn platform also offers the opportunity to sustainably increase the awareness of your company with influencers on a B2B level or to promote your next event. With the help of various influencer agencies, LinkedIn offers you a wide range of different influencers who mention your company on LinkedIn, reach the relevant B2B decision-makers and thus bring you into inbound sales conversations. By using influencers on LinkedIn, you reduce the time spent by your internal brand ambassadors. We make sure that influencers on LinkedIn talk about your company and contribute to the achievement of your business goals in a sustainable way.

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