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In order strengthen existing customer relationships and acquire new customers, communication between the company and the target group must be continuously maintained. This is where Social Selling comes in. This marketing tool allows your business to target prospects and build relationships with potential customers on social platforms such as LinkedIn. By proactively reaching out to potential customers, you can generate valuable leads that will help you achieve your sales goals.

Qualified leads

The number of leads is to be increased and the qualification of leads automated. This means that the sales representative will only work on qualified, “warm” leads in order to increase efficiency. This is achieved through Social Selling. This is the process of developing, nurturing, and leveraging relationships in order to sell products or services (whether analog or digital).

Social selling involves initiating, building, and maintaining meaningful relationships that create value and encourage exchange with potential buyers. 

The global distribution landscape is changing. Buyers are no longer forced to make unwanted purchases. They decide for themselves which channel they use – either social media or traditional media. Social media channels are playing an increasingly central role in sales and marketing communications. Sales is now increasingly focused more on customer-centric approaches with a tendency to deliver what a buyer needs. Through social media, companies can achieve enormous reach and target potential customers. This is where Social Selling plays a role. social media companies can achieve an enormous reach and reach potential customers in a targeted way. This is where social selling plays a role. 

Social Selling Campaign

The ideal preparation for your Social Selling campaign is to implement a “warm up” campaign in order to engage your target audience with your brand. We also review the potential in your target market. By increasing the awareness of your company in general and presenting your expertise and services, we help you establish contact with the key decision makers among your potential customers. We achieve this with various topics that we explore together.  

The prerequisite for a successful campaign is targeted planning. The precise definitions of the target group, messages, and platforms are essential. Social Selling can be successfully used not only for new customer acquisition but also for customer retention and for increasing the sales of either established or new products.

Social Selling Prozess

Social sales automation, including the integration of email automation, rounds off the sales process on various social media platforms – from the definition of the target person/target market to placement of the social ad. The target group analysis runs automatically. The messages are created and entered manually. But the sending covers the social sales automation. 
Automated B2B lead generation is a particularly valuable online marketing tool.

Quality, high-value leads are the key for converting qualified prospects into long-standing customers. Tools such as lead nurturing and marketing automation can facilitate your marketing campaigns and help you generate more leads. 

We rely mainly on lead generation for customer acquisition. Some software tools are suitable for this. For example, in order to determine how you could achieve a high conversion rate with your own measures. These tools will help you give a whole new meaning to the term lead: 


Adobe’s Marketo is a platform that automates the analysis and execution of your marketing activities. Because of its complexity, this software is in the higher price segment. Marketo covers lead management, email marketing, B2C marketing, mobile marketing, and existing customer marketing.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is user-friendly and easy to learn. The program is designed to turn a contact into a lead, convert them into a qualified prospect, and ultimately send them on their “buyer’s journey”. 

With the right tool, marketing automation in your company becomes a successful project. 

After handing over the prospect from marketing to sales, sales-related processes (sales automation) can run via LinkedIn and email campaigns. Thanks to a CRM integration, you can manage and control your data. In order guarantee project success, you need an overall picture of your performance.
Performance Reporting covers the documentation and definition of projects and the measurement of success (e.g., cost, schedule).

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Why is social selling so important for lead generation?

About 50% of all B2B decision makers are registered on social networks and use these platforms for their professional research. 
About 50% of all B2B decision makers are registered on social networks and use these platforms for their professional research.
The advantage of direct approach is that you directly expand your contact and distribution list. This is not possible only through social media marketing and cold calling. Your KPIs and goals are directly measurable. All data is handled in a GDPR-compliant manner and integrated into your CRM system in order to support further sales steps.



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