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The visibility of a website on the results pages of Google, Ecosia, Bing, and other search engines is the most important communication channel for companies and determines the success of your Internet presence. Here, your customers can get an initial impression and decide for or against their interest in the brand, products, and services. Good visibility of the website on the first results pages in all search engines has a decisive competitive advantage. The goal is therefore to bring your company to the top of the ranking. Our team applies the right levers in order to optimize your positioning.  

Search engine optimization refers to the optimization of web content for search queries. With a well-thought-out SEO strategy, the content on your own website does not need to be actively promoted all the time. Website traffic is generated passively. SEO generates an above-average and long-term sustainable ROI. Quality content drives long-term traffic to the site and generates both qualified leads (MQL/SQL) and direct sales. Here we proceed in different phases.  

Phase 1: Setting up the basics

website analysis with qualified tools

By analyzing your website with various analytics software tools, both strengths and weaknesses can be revealed. Our website analysis highlights the status quo of the existing site. Based on these results, we can optimize your website and guarantee a better ranking.  

Keyword research & optimization

Every SEO process starts with a keyword analysis. The goal here is to analyze which search terms are suitable for customization using the ideal relationship between search volume, business value, and competition as the primary target. 
 Here, we cluster the keywords into long-, medium-, and short- term groups. These must be analyzed, optimized, and compared with competitors. 

Website structure & optimization of the main pages

Website structure also plays a role in SEO as well as the general usability and click paths of your pages. From the URL structure to sitemap.xml/robots.txt, there are many details to consider here.  
We also directly develop recommendations for the optimization of the main and sub pages.

Website Performance

If the loading time of the website is too high, website visitors will not interact with the content and quickly leave the website. This is one reason why website performance has become an increasingly strong ranking factor. Accordingly, website optimization should be used to create the fastest website possible. According to the motto “Mobile First”, all SEO activities are ensured for a user-friendly structure in the mobile version.

OnPage optimization & editorial content maintenance

Taking keywords into account when creating all the content on your website considerably increases visibility. We create target group-oriented and keyword-optimized texts and generate links. A writing style that fits the brand and target audience is defined, thereby providing guidelines for both internal employees and freelancers. The content is inserted directly into the CMS.  

Our SEO strategy is based on three core building blocks for all individual phases:  

SEO Bestandteile

Phase 2: Create Pillar Posts

Pillar posts are large, strategically positioned articles that often target keywords with a high level of difficulty. These are elaborately researched, excellently formatted and multi-faceted contents with added value for the reader. 
As the name implies, these posts are the foundation of the content strategy and are designed to be responsible for much of the organic traffic.
Creating these posts is at the beginning for three reasons: firstly, it gives them the maximum time to rank, secondly, in phase 2 they will target the backlinks and thirdly, you can simply build an internal link network around these posts.

Phase 3: Building a backlink profile

It’s no secret that backlinks back links are an influential ranking factor for search engines. In this phase, measures are taken to generate targeted back links for the pillar posts.  backlinks The goal of link building is to generate external links (back links) that direct the user to your own website. 
For this purpose, a back link strategy is created and „Backlinks“implemented.

Phase 4: Scaling content creation

At this point, the website should have a clear thematic focus and a healthy back link profile. Both will help to reduce the time and difficulty for ranking. It’s now worth speeding up content creation in order to cover as many keywords as possible. For this purpose, we create a content plan and regularly write texts, blog articles, and other content for your website.  

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